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Also known as Electronic Bussines is the exchange of products or services using the Internet.

How do we do it in Sköll? we create 100% personalized sites, so that each company can approach its cosimidor in a unique way, adapting to its processes and potentializing the conversion (sales).

All companies must have a presence on the Internet, with a growth of more than 900% in the last decade, the population makes use of the internet at around 8 average hours. A market that you should not leave out.

It is not as traditional as you think, the Ecommerce is made to consumers (B2C: business to consumer) there is also that between companies (B2B: Business to business), when one company provides another with some type of material so that it in turn can continue with its objectives.

At Sköll, we design tools that help you enhance your business and grow your sales no matter what sector you are in

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