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Tequila Noche Mágica

Product Design + Brand Design + 3D Arts + Packaging

Tequila Noche Mágica is a traditional brand that inspire us through a path where the stars guide our way, creating a vision that focus on a 360° branding design in the development of their visual and corporative identity, till we reach to a product design, packaging, labels and wrapping.

Product Design

It was conceptualized and designed a product capable of representing the brand's essence conserving their tradition with a mix of today, developing their label, packaging, cap and wrapping represented in a harmonic way.


The brand's design was made with the purpose of elevate a modern visual style that retakes that tradition that take us through different symbolisms like planting lines, the moon and the stars. Highlighting a brand's concept that represents those unforgettable moments and magic experiences.

Bottle and label Design

The labels were design in a way where their colors, textures and finishes stand out through a traditional tequila's image full of elegance and modernity in our own way. The bottle´s design also represents tradition without losing the brand´s magical essence.

Brand´s story

The story transport us to our destination, a traditional land where the light and the moon guide us through beautiful turquoise rivers, entering underneath imposing arcs to the beginning of a magical night full of experiences and unforgettable moments.

Corporate Image

The moon's light reveals a corporative image that preserves a modern, minimalist and professional essence, where the representative symbols of Tequilla Noche Mágica are highlighted and emphasized.

Design Elements

The elements were used in a representative way like the light that guide us through the night and imposing arcs that represent in a minimalist way a traditional “hacienda”, gathering traditional, modern and magical elements.