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Brand Design + Web Design + Product Design + 3D Arts

OhBee is a company that makes products with derivatives of the hive, such as wax, pollen, and propolis, among others. They are basic products for daily use, both for beauty and for skin care.


Three base elements were used to give a more complete context to the brand. The first was the crown, referring to the queen bee. Honey was also used as a graphic element, representing warmth and affection, and finally the Bee.

Product Design

A design was generated wich could generate confidence and quality, applying professional photography taking into account every detail and thus being able to highlight the virtues of the product. Both the design of the packaging and the containers were made always taking into account the vision of the brand.

Online Store

The website is designed to streamline the display by the client and show the company´s personality in a functional way. The sections in it will help to find the desired product quickly and efficiently.

Corporate Image

A corporate image was designed that emphasized the bee as such, accompanied by a branding based on yellow, white and black colors, achieving the expected result being represented in a simple way.