Business Interiorism + Brand Design + E-commerce + Packaging

This 360 ° development for is the reflection of an integral vision. We believe that all areas of communication and commercialization of a company should be contemplated, so that it provides a good experience for its consumers. Contemplating the own brand and its aggregates, such as packaging, products and labels, riching to the points of commercialization as branches and the e-commerce.


An E-commerce was specially designed for its users, emphasizing the ease of use in mobile devices, usability and ease of purchase, in order to facilitate and encourage sales of the company.

Sensuality is designed to work under the scheme B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business) by allowing the option of multiuser, generation of wholesale accounts and public, in addition to having an administrative system that controls branches and online commerce .

Commercial interior design

The interior design aims to flexibilize and facilitate the exhibition of the product, optimize the load, take advantage of the spaces to the maximum and allow the correct visualization of them to encourage and promote their sale. For this, not only the space but also all the furniture was designed.

It is not only that it looks beautiful, but also functional and flexible.


The projection of the brand is one of the most important issues of this project, since it promotes values ​​of empowerment in women, such as security, sensuality and trust, and these should be present in their products and in their aggregates (Brand Touch Points). everything that the client lives with and refines the brand, such as labels, bags, packaging, among others.