Brand Design + Web Design

Eisenfinch LLC is an investment company. The main purpose of the quality and integrity of its services is to obtain the best and fastest investment return for its customers. Bases on that, we developed a dynamic image with class and modernity. These are the key factors for the image ofthe company.
Reference to the German work ethic that promotes “German Engineering”, order etc. Iron as a symbol of strength and durability. The bird as an example of agility and social skills. Strength and order are matched by the “Eisen” font. “Finch” is represented by the dynamic and abstract elements that are always pointing up, symbolizing the growth that Eisenfinch will look for their customer invesments.


We designed a 100% personalized website focused on investment businesses, enhancing their capabilities and designed for the growth of it, so that the investment made in the site could be for a long term.